When your smartphone gets drenched in water

No matter how great we are to keep a smartphone favorite, sometimes there are things that cannot be avoided. Whether suddenly the cell phone falls into the sink, gets rained, or may be embedded into the pool. If this happens, there is no need to panic. You can still save your favorite cell phone by following the number of ways to deal with the following water-affected phones. Meanwhile, check out the recommended one plus 6 repair shop near you as well.

How to Overcome Water-Entering Mobile Phones

1. Turn off the smartphone immediately

When experiencing a tragedy and being exposed to water, immediately turn off and remove the battery of your smartphone. Remove the SIM card, the SD card and whatever it is installed because it is wet or exposed to water, your smartphone component can experience a short or even burn.

By disconnecting the phone, you can prevent damage from spreading everywhere. If it’s been released, don’t rush it back on, follow the next steps.

2. Open the smartphone case to provide airway

After turning off the smartphone, remove the case and open all airflow. Do not try to remove the screw and its components because the smartphone has a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI), which if disturbed, the warranty will be lost.

You can also shake the smartphone slowly so the water inside comes out. But be careful, if you shake it wrong, the water can reach the inside and make things worse.

3. Use a cloth that can absorb water

In addition to lowering the water by shaking it, you can dry it by attaching the cloth to the wet part. We recommend that you do not clean it because it will only spread the water moving everywhere.

4. Suck water using a vacuum cleaner

The best way to remove water from a smartphone is to use a vacuum cleaner. Do not blow or heat it using a hairdryer because it will damage the components in the smartphone. Before using a vacuum cleaner, make sure there are no small objects like sim cards, cards or batteries.