Tips for sending items using expedition services safely

Are you an online store owner? Or have a product business whose delivery depends on third-party services, indeed if the goods or products you sell are delivered to customers by you or your own employees, there may be no anxiety or worry. It’s because, of course, you or your employees really understand what kind of handling of goods to be sent to customers. Aside from that, check out Trasportify if you want to hire a reliable delivery service.

There are several things you can do to prevent the occurrence of damaged goods and if it turns out to be damaged you also know what rights you can get as a user of the freight forwarder:

Get to know the shipping company terms and conditions.

You can get very little information online about how shipping companies should act. You will find it easier to find shipping rates online than what happens if your item is damaged/lost. There is no harm in asking again some of the provisions of the company in sending goods such as SOPs or Standard Operational Procedures that you want to know directly to the sender or shipping company near you.

Use extra protection

If your selling items are in the form of fashion products such as clothes, pants, shoes, hijab, you might not need to worry about damage during shipping because of the durability of the product. But if you send electronic products such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc., then you need extra protection. If you have the original packaging, use the original packaging because it is usually designed in such a way by the factory to maintain the security of the items inside. After that, you can request additional protection from the shipping company. This protection can be in the form of bubble wrap, styrofoam box, or even a wooden box.