Things you should do in Austin – Read this

Every year people move to Austin TX apartments due to many reasons. We all know that Austin is the capital of Texas and one of the most populated city of the state. Austin provides you a perfect life for business and education. There are so many places to hangout in Austin, you can hang out with friends and family. Young couples, families, boys, girls and businessman visit Austin not only for vacation but also to hangout and take a chance to make their lives in Austin.

If you know the right things about in finding a cheap Austin TX apartments in different neighborhoods, you might start searching on internet. As we all know that we now live in a modern age, age of advancing technology where you can get things right from your homes. Many people have advertised their private homes available on rent for students and families. If you can search on the internet then you might end up searching a great apartment if you plan to live in Austin.

If you wish to do business or study in Austin then let me tell you there are so many other things you do there. If you ever visit Austin or already living there, I have something very interesting for you about Austin. We have made a list of things you can do there. Below is the list of things you should do:

Watch Sunset:

You can watch sunset at Oasis with a beautiful view of Lake Travis. Oasis is known for its beautiful view of lake where you can sit, eat and drink. There was an incident at Oasis on June 1, 2005. There was a lightning at Oasis and that ignited the fire and destroyed much of the outdoor deck but it still have indoor and outdoor seating.

View of Lakes:

Austin is famous for lakes and hills view. There are many views of different lakes in Austin. Lake Travis is one most famous lake in Austin where you can boat, ski and fishing. If you are in Austin I might suggest you should visit Lake Travis.


There is a colony of bats in Austin US. Underneath the bridge of Congress Avenue around 1 million bats migrate back here from Mexico. Hundreds of people lines up to see the flight of bats and you can be in those hundred people.

Hangout in Downtown:

Well, who doesn’t know about downtown area of Austin? Downtown area is the most crowded place in Austin. If you take a walk in downtown, there is much to see. Apartments, expensive condos and restaurants with live music is the culture of Austin. They simply follow a famous motto “Keep Austin Weird”. Different foods, different people from different cultures keeps Austin elected mix.

Live Music:

Listening to live music is one of the main attractions and a reason more people relocate to Austin. Almost everyone loves music and if it’s live music, its heaven.

That’s it folks. These are the things you should do if you are living in Austin.