Things that you may don’t know about Umrah

Although Umrah isn’t like Hajj, which is mandatory for those who are capable of doing it, Umrah is still a great sunnah for Muslims to accomplish. It’s because the more a Muslim do sunnah, the better chance he/she to get more good deeds in the hereafter, which can lead him/her into paradise. Aside from that, you can also visit to find one of the best Umrah deals on the internet.

Other than that, Rasulullah Peace Be Upon Him has promised that every Muslims who love sunnah means that he or she does also love Rasulullah Peace Be Upon Him. Then he also stated that whoever loves him, that Muslim will be able to live in Paradise (Jannah) with him.

Furthermore, being able to visit Kabah in Mecca is such a tremendous honor that Allah bestow upon the Muslims. Even though it’s not mandatory, the feeling of visiting Kabah may make every Muslim man and woman burst into tears, feeling the indescribable joy of being summoned by the All Mighty into his house.

Other than that, by spending your wealth in the path of Allah and his prophet will also grant you a lot of blessings, all the while it’s helping you to avoid spending your fortune for bad deeds and sins.