The Secret Behind Education

What is education really? Children, ever lazy to go to school? Parents, ever dizzy because their children don’t want to go to school? Surely we all have experienced it. Sometimes schools can look boring, frightening, and tense. There are children who are not comfortable in the school environment. Children, why are you lazy at school? Is your school less fun? There are two types of education namely formal and informal education. Formal education is education at school or campus and those who teach are teachers. If informal education, those who can teach are parents or families because informal education is education at home or outside. Education can happen anywhere because wherever you are, surely you will get new lessons, no matter how small it is. So, education is an activity to reduce knowledge. As with the NLP training London, we are also part of education that is equipped with training to educate emotionally and logically. We contribute to mental formation for those of you who want to achieve early success.

Education is important because humans and the world evolve, so we must adjust to the times, namely through education. By having an education, we can contribute to things around us, to ourselves and to God. In our opinion, how to educate properly is that educators must be patient, must be in accordance with the level they want to be educated, there must be rules, must be in touch with the real world, and of course must make students better, otherwise, the education fails. Good education starts from the knowledge possessed by educators. Educators must teach children by exploring, implementing it and connecting the topic of learning with the real world. Linking learning topics with the real world will make it easier for children to understand the topic. Psychology has a role in education. A psychologist is needed in a school to help the school deliver the topic of learning to children correctly. Psychologists help schools to adjust the level of education that will be taught to children, whether certain age matches the education they want to teach or not.