The attitude for job interview sessions

An interview session for getting a job can make anyone nervous. It’s okay to be nervous, due to it’s a sign that you care about the job. However, make sure that you don’t bring the nervousness into the interview room, or at least try to make sure that it won’t go out of control. In the meantime, you might also need to go to and get yourself hired by a good company.

When entering the room walking with a well-built body, elegant style, and both hands shaking freely. Give your hand (while smiling) first when offering. Greet the interviewer with Mr / Ms and do not sit before you invite.

Standing attitude & sitting attitude.

a. Standing attitude

1. The body is sturdy & not bent.
2. Standby both hands and foresight (eye contact).
3. No additional hand movements (scratching).

b. Sitting attitude

1. The body stays firm when sitting.
2. The position does not lean in the back seat.
3. The hand below is not on the table.
4. Looking ahead (eye contact).
5. Speak relaxed in the right voice tone according to the situation.