Remember This When Removing Old Paint

The thing you should notice is the use of this paint remover should be done with caution because this liquid contains acidic substances that can make the skin of the hands become sore because it should wear gloves for protection. In addition, if the wall is not cleaned properly, then the new paint will also be damaged because it can be exposed to this fluid. If the price of the paint remover is too expensive, you can use thinner. Unfortunately using thinner should be considered, especially thinner with good quality that has the level of revisits to slough off old paint.

In addition to the price is much cheaper, the use of thinner can also make the old paint peeling is easier to do. Because the only way to apply the thinner liquid on the part that will be brushed with a brush. After that without the need to wait again, the painting process can be done immediately. Even faster is better because if waiting too long it will make thinner so yawn and dry. So consequently brushing process fails and re-done by having to reapply it with thinner. You can also visit to ask for help.